Viscount Organs of Texas

Viscount Organs of Texas has a dedicated team of craftsmen, technicians, and designers to assist you in all aspects of an organ project. Our team has over 37 years experience in both digital and pipe organ installations. Our products are constructed with commercial-grade equipment in a facility that prides itself in using the best materials available world-wide.

Our team has constructed numerous hybrid organs, pipe organs, and relocated instruments all over the state of Texas. Our tonal professionals consult on organ projects nation-wide, and our voicing expertise is sought in numerous projects outside of the State of Texas.

We offer custom finishes applied in our commercial paint booth using environmentally friendly stains and finishes. We have the capabilities to design and build any style organ case or church furniture that you may need.

Our company is insured to protect your investment during all phases of your order.


To provide our customers with the highest quality instruments and service, while exercising honesty, integrity, and stewardship. Always putting our customers ahead of profit!


To provide the best possible instrument each and every time.


Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Excellence, and Customer Satisfaction.

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