Viscount Organs of Texas

Unico 600 featuring sub and super couplers

Physis physically models the sound by measuring the organ's natural and physical attributes, as well as its interaction with its environment. The Physis rebuilds that sound through modeling technology, not storing samples like older technologies, but rebuilding all the details through complex algorithms, down to the smallest imperfection, those elements that give the original instrument its character and warmth. Physis creates its sound so that it is ever changing, like the organ used for the model; however it can be adjusted to accommodate the desires of the most demanding organist, or acoustically deprived environment.

For hundreds of years the classic organ has offered power, majesty and creativity to the musician that commands all the sounds possible through its configuration. It transforms the performer's inner feelings and the composer's intentions into an experience of magnificent proportion to the listener. Viscount now makes it possible for organists throughout the world to experience the thrill that here-to-fore could only be experienced by those musicians and listeners fortunate enough to play on, and listeners to hear in person, organs in the finest cathedrals and venues around the world.

Physis technology, using an advanced multi-platform, allows an unprecedented huge calculation power. Physis can send and process an excess of 12 billion instructions per second, thus providing the power of what digital sampling cannot.

Have you ever wondered while listening to your favorite organ CD that the sound is so much better than a digital organ? If making an audio recording of an instrument sounds so good, why do samples of that same instrument fall very short?

Sampling technology has far too many limitations. It does not provide the options to alter its sound for a specific room. Most sampled organs give you very few adjustments such as volume, bass, and treble. These are the same options given to you on a home stereo system. Physis, with its advanced modeling, gives the organ voicer every tool that a pipe organ voicer can use to obtain the best sound.